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                      We specialized in Volatility


How we fulfil the needs of our Clients

We propose ideas, we provide solutions

Business Cases

Asset Managers

Investment Advisors


Private Banking


We design and build Management Models with systematic strategic and tactical hedging with Options.

We create Options strategies for the purchase management of Oil and Energy derivatives.

We model back-testing and parameterize with Volatility and Price variables in Index and Commodity markets.

We compose tactical strategies that we propose for Systematic and Unsystematic risk scenarios.


We design Futures and Options Trading models based on the parameterization of conditioned risk variables.

We define trading models based on Volatility.

We create dynamic models with volatility simulators.

We train and create tailor-made courses on Derivatives.

We define you purchasing 

           and selling Brent strategy 

  • Business Case developed for a company for the Purchase and Distribution of petroleum derivatives

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