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Options Analytics

Manage your Risk, Strategies and Scenarios,

from one single platform.


Options Analytics: assess and simulate Price and Risk. View the effect of changes and fluctuations in the price and probable value of an Option or a Combined Strategy with up to 6 different series of options.

It includes:

Unit valuation and by strategy of the Greek, Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma and Rho.

Create as many strategies as you want in different windows and simulate different strategies for different markets.

Create and draw dynamic curves based on different scenarios of dates and underlying levels.

Modify the exercise prices, the maturities through easily manageable and intuitive controls and view the risk curves, the Greeks, the Puts and/or Calls of your strategy and the P&L as a whole or by leg of the strategy separately.


Create interactive curves to see at a glance how changing volatility assumptions, distance to expiration, and underlying price adjustment affect the value of an option or combination strategy.

Simulates all risk and greek parameters, changing the underlying price on any date prior to expiration.​

You can define different possible volatility levels, increasing or decreasing the implied volatility and you will have a profit/loss assessment and information of all the Greeks, on any date you decide to simulate, or you can simulate the behaviour of the strategy by changing the volatility spreads between maturities.


Licence Fee

Annual Licence           497,00 €* 

It includes period
ic upgrades. 
VAT no included).

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Lifetime Licence         1.997,00 €*

It includes periodic upgrades. 
*(VAT no included).

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If you want Options Analytics  and you to pay by bank transfer, send an email to

Options Analytics cannot be purchased from a mobile device 


"Excellent website as well as its teacher, J. Carlos López Moraleja, a good professional and very good person.

Despite the complexity that surrounds the Options Market, it is an unbeatable opportunity to learn everything about the particular world of financial derivatives.

If someone wants to learn about the volatility of the Markets, this may be an ideal place for it."

Options Trader

Javier Menéndez


All content in this presentation is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute an offer or invitation to invest or buy or sell any kind of  financial asset, stock or investment product.

The opinions, information and data contained on the website have been obtained from sources considered reliable.

Operating derivative products requires qualified knowledge and experience to understand the risks associated with them, as well as constant monitoring of the position, since these instruments carry a high risk if they are not managed properly. Derivative products are products that offer leverage, a benefit can quickly turn into a loss as a result of variations in price and volatility, for this reason you can lose more than the guarantees deposited and the losses can be greater than the balance total deposited into your account.

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