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We believe that Alternative Investment is opening a space for a dominant position in investment management and asset allocation. 101 Futures was founded in 2016 with the purpose of showing the differentiating value offered by alternative investment as a disruptive and non-exclusive instrument compared to traditional management models.

In our approach, we place great emphasis on understanding the specific needs of each client and offering personalized and honest solutions. We take pride in earning the trust of our counterparties and being part of building their financial future.

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José Carlos López Moraleja


CEO & Founding Partner

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Andrea De Gennaro

Partner  & Co-Founder 
Institutional Relations

José Carlos has 30+ years of experience in Capital Markets, of which he has spent 25+ years in the Alternative Investment area. He has specialized in Derivatives, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity. He has a strong theoretical background and analytical skills. He has developed quantitative management models, is a Volatility Trading professor, and a specialist in the application of systematic management models. He applies his experience and knowledge to best practices in valuation and risk management.

Andrea has 15+ years of experience in providing research, analytics and financial technology services to institutions involved in primary and secondary market transactions. Subsequently, he joined financial advisory as Investment Banking Relations Manager to carry out IPO deals. Originally from Turin, Italy, he developed his career in Madrid and London, where he worked for startups and large corporations.

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