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Additional Information

  • We will meet by Zoom 3 Wednesdays per month at 6:00 pm CET (2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of each month). 

  • The sessions will last between 1h and 1h:30.

  • The Options Club is an online training space where you learn from the practice of Risk and Volatility Management, applying the theory to the practice of Real Markets.

  • Only paying members of the Club will be able to access the videos of the sessions in an exclusive area.

  • Club members will have access to documents and publications of relevant interest within the exclusive area.

Do you want to belong to a club where you will learn about Derivatives and Options in a different way, where you will find a space and resources to understand the elements that transform theory into market reality?
The Options Club is a space guided and moderated by José Carlos López Moraleja, CAIA, an expert in derivatives and alternative investments, owner and creator of this website.

More about the Option Club

From the Options Club, three times a month we meet in a debate led by José Carlos López Moraleja, where he will lead us and explain trading techniques, answer questions, clarify concepts and present scenarios, situations and market hypotheses on how to operate with Options and their application in risk management. The Club aims to develop the skills and knowledge that we all have under the direction of José Carlos López, who will put all his experience and knowledge at the service of the Club members. One of the things we will do will be practical exercises, with simulations of market scenarios and discussion of the most appropriate strategy according to the perception of risk. At no time will we advise on investment decisions, but we will work on ideas, methodologies for systematizing decisions based on market hypotheses, we will create conditional scenario templates and much more that we will be proposing, always from the idea of ​​learning and sharing as a team. The Club must be a place of social interaction and knowledge sharing, the discussion will be open and it is the forum where questions, doubts can be raised and where topics of debate can be presented. There will be a special and exclusive section of access only for paying members, where in addition to the videos of the sessions we will include study and analysis documents that will serve us to deepen and as work material for our sessions.

Open letter by José Carlos López Moraleja

There is a phrase from Aristotle that says, "Intelligence and talent consist not only of knowledge, but also of the ability to apply knowledge in practice." I read this phrase a long time ago and understood its meaning through my experience in the derivatives markets. I want to tell you everything I have learned throughout my professional career, what I know but also what I doubt, what I distrust and what I accept despite my doubts, certainties and uncertainties. I will try to convey all my experience and put everything I have learned throughout my more than 30 years trading options, I will talk about my failures and I will also talk about my successes. Educate ourselves in the complexity of the markets in order to improve. You always learn more from mistakes, successes should serve as motivation to move forward and move forward. Simon Sinek, an exceptional inspirational and optimistic communicator says "Happiness comes from WHAT we do, and fulfillment and success comes from WHY we do it." I think this phrase or thought defines all my passion and love for the world of derivatives and options, and I only hope to be able to transmit the same passion and love that I feel for this world and make it reach all the members of the Club of Options. I will tell and explain what you don't read in books, together we will try to discover the secrets of trading and risk management. In short, I will try to shorten the learning process of the complex world of derivatives, the goal is to make the complicated easy and understandable, and I hope you will give me the opportunity to accompany you on this journey towards knowledge. I am probably not the best, nor do I know everything, but I have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm necessary for the challenge of transmitting everything I know and have learned to all of you. The objective of this Club and my own, is not that you learn what I know, it is that you, based on what I tell you, are capable of surpassing the master... and take this as an exercise in humility... The important thing is not my knowledge or my experience... but the motivation for your own self-improvement. Jose Carlos Lopez Moraleja, CAIA

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