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José Carlos López Moraleja speaking on Radio Intereconomía about importance of training in derivative products and his new project.

Formación en productos DerivadosRadio Intereconomía
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"Excellent website as well as its teacher, J. Carlos López Moraleja, a good professional and very good person.

Despite the complexity that surrounds the Options Market, it is an unbeatable opportunity to learn everything about the particular world of financial derivatives.

If someone wants to learn about the volatility of the Markets, this may be an ideal place for it."

Options Trader

Javier Menéndez


The entire content of this presentation is for educational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or invitation to invest in, buy or sell any financial asset, stock or investment product.

Trading in derivative products requires qualified knowledge and experience in order to understand the risks associated with them as well as constant vigilance of the position, since these instruments carry a high risk if not properly managed. Derivative products are products that offer leverage, a profit can quickly turn into a loss as a consequence of variations in price and volatility, for this reason you can lose more than the guarantees deposited and the losses can be higher than the total balance deposited in your account.

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