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José Carlos López Moraleja


  • CEO and Founding Partner of 101 Futures

  • 30 years of experience in derivatives

  • Volatility Trading Teacher

  • Speaker at Conferences and Business Schools

  • Consultant specialized in Alternative Investment

  • AGILE methodology specialist

  • More than 1,000,000 Options contracts traded in the markets.

  • LinkedIn

Areas of professional specialization

Alternative Investments. Specialized in Alternative Investment. Although his very direct link with Derivatives can be highlighted, his specialization and professional experience extends to other asset classes, such as Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Crypto Currencies, Digital Assets (NFTs) and Real Estate. One of its most notable specialties is risk and volatility analysis, as well as the design of Cross Asset Class portfolio structures, with capital protection and Alpha generation objectives, always based on the application of strategic coverage and risk control tactics of volatility.

Crypto Divisas and Blockchain. Development of ideas aimed at establishing systematic trading models and strategies based on correlations and asymmetry of Volatility. Studies and research on systematic and unsystematic risk of the behavior of Crypto Assets. José Carlos López has been a speaker at Conferences and Business Schools on Blockchain and the Digital Assets ecosystem.

Asset Management. Valuation, Financial Analysis and Risk Management in the composition of Cross Assets Class portfolios, investment consulting on traditional assets, from Stocks and Bonds to asset classes such as Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Commodities and Digital Assets, as well as consultant in the valuation of CTAs for their inclusion in traditional investment portfolios as part of the Alternative Investment.

Extracurricular activities. José Carlos López is currently a professor at the BME Volatility Trading Institute and a speaker at conferences on topics such as Shadow Banking, Alternative Investment and its importance in international Pension Funds, among other collaborations in specialized magazines and the written press. He collaborated with communication media such as radio Intereconomía, Bloomberg and Expansión Televisión, actively participating in roadshows together with MEFF in the dissemination of the Derivatives Markets.

Professional background

2016- Present

2003 - 2016

1992 - 2016

Investment Advisory and Project Management Consultancy

Alternative Investments, research and advisory

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, research and consultancy

Asset Management and Risk Management

Investment Manager at Smart Social City (2016-2019)

Inception of 101 Futures (2016)

Founder and Partner at Prestian Investments, an investment boutique specialized conducting customized alternative investments solutions to Family Offices

Portfolio Manager and Fund Manager (250M AUM)

EAFI (2009-2011)

BNP Cortal Consors & SIAGA, SVB - Director of CIBERBROKER and derivatives sales

K.Bourbaki. Partner and Managing Director - Derivatives

ODDO, SVB. Institutional Derivatives Sales

DAIWA Securities. Head of Fixed Income and Derivatives

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