Investment consultant specialist in alternative investments, advisory services providing asset management and risk management implementing along cross asset classes.

We are a provider of training, monitoring and consulting services in fiduciary management and outsourcing of the implementation functions of asset allocation, governance, administration and control of delegated investments.

  • Asset risk management

  • Alternative Investment consultancy

  • Cross assets  class portfolios

  • Derivatives

  • Private Equity

  • Real Estate

  • Hedge Funds

  • Commodities

  • Crypto currencies


  • Alternative Investment Consultancy Advisory services to implement cross asset classes portfolios, aiming goals of capital protection and alpha generation.

  • Asset Management performing valuation, financial analysis and risk management in cross asset acquisition and investments, buy and sale side.  

  • Investment consultancy to implement buy side strategies for distribution companies in Crude Oil and other commodities , delivering  strategical investments models to enhance the purchase process and investment return.

  • 101 Futures. Platform designed to educate in Derivatives Markets as a business model to teach how to manage risk portfolios and investment decisions through “Options Club” a membership section.


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